Biography (English)

Biography (English)

Takyoung Jung


Adjunct Professor, Fine Art College Hongik University

Member of La Maison Des Artistes in France

Vice President of ICAA, International Creative Artists Association (In association with 31 Countries)

President of the Federation of the Artists Korean in France




11, rue Edouard Tremblay 94400, Vitry sur Seine, France

33-6-5001-8878 (mobile) (Paris, France) /





 Educational Background  

1972 ~ 1977 Graduated from Fine Art College, Hongik University (Major Painting, B.F.A.)

1980 ~ 1981 Studied in Yeonsei University Foreign Language Institute (Major English)

1983 ~ 1985 Graduated from Graduate School of Hongik University (Dept. Pating M.F.A.)


Lecture Career 

1986 ~1989 Paijai University Dept. Art Education, The theory of Plastic Art, Aesthetics

                 Painting Technics, The theory of Plastic Art, Understanding of Arts, Painting Technics

1989 ~ 1990 Dong-A University Dept. Painting, Anatomy

1989 ~ 1990 Han Nam University Dept. Painting, Study on Plastic theory in Painting

1990            Han Yang Woman's University, Drawing

1990 ~ 1992  Professor Induk Technical Collage, ,Dessin & Drawing

1992 ~ 1993  Han Nam University, Dept. Painting, History of 20 Century Arts

1993 ~ 1994  Sung Shin Women's University, Dept. Craft, Water color painting, Precision Drawing

1996             Guam University, Dept. Painting, Drawing

1998 ~ 2006   Adjunct professor, Hong-Ik University, Dept. Textile Art," Drawing-A, B"


Exhibition and the Other Careers


1.Solo Exhibition


2014 - Gallery Konkuk (Seoul, )

2013 - Bon Gallery(Seoul)

2012 - N Gallery( Bundang, Sungnam city, Gyunggido)

2011 - Gasan Gallery(Seoul)

1996 - Shine Gallery (EunSung Art Town, II-san)

1995 - Fine Gallery (Seoul)

1994 - Yon Sei Gallery (Seoul)

1994 - Yon Sei Gallery (Seoul)

1993 - Yee Mock Gallery (Seoul)

1991 - Gasan Gallery (Seoul)

1991 - Modern Art Gallery (L.A., U.S.A.)

1991 - Ye-Hyang Gallery (Dongsung-Dong, Seoul)

1989 - Hyun-Dai Gallery(Apkujung, Seoul)

1994 - Yee Mock Gallery (Seoul)

1986 - Seoul Gallery (Press Center, Seoul)



Group Exhibitions

2013  - Calligraphie, Festival des Arts Martiaux Coreens, Savigny sur Orge, France

2012   - Invitational exhibition Galerie Etoile 'Parisjisung vol.600 commemoration in Paris

             ( Gergovie, Paris)

2011  - Vision Active 2 - Strates
                 Exposition collective de la Fédération des Artistes Coréens en France
                 Université Paris 1 - Galerie Soufflot 12, Place du Panthéon 75005 Paris

                (du 8 au 30 septembre 2011)

2009   - Seoul International Art Festival-Tomorrow(Chosun ilbo Art Museum)

2008    - Neo-Pax-Korea Visual Arts Show-2008, Invitational Exhibition on Remarks Artist Selected to the distinguished artists in 2008( Yihyung Arts Center)

                _ Invitational Exhibition to selected artists (Bon Gallery)


2007    - Invitational exhibition from the City of Marie de Champcueil, France (Exposition AJAC et les artists coréenes de NEW YORK Paris Invitational Exhibition), ( Marie de Champcueil, France)

- The 16th Seoul Arts Festival-Peace in Seoul organized by 21C I.C.A.A.(International Creative Artists Association), (Chosunilbo Museum)


2006   – The 13th 21C ICAA International Art Festival (Heilongjiang Yushun Culture Art Academy Yushun Art Museum, China)

- Invitational exhibition of The 120 Artists’ Mind’ for The Daily newspaper Hangyore Shinmun (Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul)


2005  - Invitational exhibition on the commemorative Inauguration of Yihyung Arts Center-Diversity of Today’s Contemporary Arts (Yihyung Art Center)

- ‘Soaring’-Korean-Japanese Contemporary Arts Festival (Kumho Museum, Seoul)

- The Invitational Exhibition of Journey of Colors-‘The Painting Diary’(Gallery Soo, Seoul)

- The 12th Seoul International Arts Festival (Chosunilbo Museum)

- The 20th Invitational Annual Exhibition in The Korean Croquis Members’ Society (Insa Art Center, In Gallery)


2004   - Korean Contemporary Print Exhibition (May 21 - June 9, 2004), Modern Art Gallery, U.S.A.

- The 11th 21C ICAA Viena International Exchange Arts Exhibition, Russisches Kultur Institut Center, (Viena, Austria)


2003   –The 9th 21C ICAA-Seoul Interantional Arts Festival-“Over The Wall” (Sejong Cultural Center, Annex Hall)

-The 10th Rieta International Meeting of Finest, (Teatro Flavio Vespasoano, Italy)


2002  – The 8th Seoul International Arts Festival (Sejong Cultural Center)


2001  – The 6th IGS(International Group Show)-‘Seoul-Peace’, organized as The Director of Steering and Planning Committee (Korea Memorial Museum, Seoul)


2000  – Millennium 100 Artists Invitational International Exhibition (Modern Art Gallery, U.S.A.)

            - 3Artists Invitational Joint Exhibition (Suga Gallery)

- Invitational Exhibition of New Innovated Reopening Gallery (Bon Gallery)


1999  - Invitational Grand 300 Artists Exhibition-"Ah, Korea!" (Gallery Sang)


1998  - The 13th Asian Watercolour Confederation- Seoul Exhibition (Ye mek Gallery)


1997  -Collection Painting Exhibition(Modern Art Gallery)


1996  - Asian Watercolour Confederation - The 11th Hong kong Exhibition (Hongkong City Hall)


1995  - Northern Political Economics Academy Opening Commemoration the Northern 8 Countries Best Artists Invited Exhibition (WoonHyunkung Gallery)

- Sharing Affection with Korean-Vietnam Invited Exhibition

(Ilmin cultural Hall, Dong-A daily newspaper)

- Invitational Exhibition of CAHA Museum & Gallery Grand Opening (CAHA Gallery, Guam, U.S.A.)

- Shin Sa Art Fair (Fine Gallery)

- Asian Watercolour Confederation - The 10th BangKok Exhibition (Thailand National Museum)


1994  - Armful Loving Invited Exhibition (Hyun Dai Art Gallery)

 - Opening Commemoration Exhibition Mythology-The Eternal Dream (Gallery Hellen)

- The 36th Origin Painting Exhibition (Walkerhill Gallery)

- Chung-dam Art Fair (Yee Mock Gallery)

- Exhibition of the Method and Preposition of the Contemporary Style (Gallery Seoho)

- Exhibition of Water-Based Paintings, Korea-Indonesia (Padma Gallery, Bali, Indonesia)

- Exhibition of the Asian Watercolor Confederation

  (Gallery Petronas, Kompleks Daya Bumi, Kuala Lumpur)


1993   - The Challenging to the 2000 Year of Korean Contemporary Arts Exhibition (Gallery 2000, with 15 other Galleries)

- Inviting Exhibition (Hyundai Art Gallery)

- Origin Fine Art Association Exhibition (Seoul, Kwangju)

- '93 The Year of Book-Special Commemoration Exhibition-"Moved by Eyes, Read by heart"(Dong A Museum)

- Chung Dam Art Festival (YeeMock Gallery)

- Opening commemoration Exhibition Seodemun Cultural Center (eSodemun Cultural Center)

- AWC -'93 (Asian Watercolor Confederation) Exhibition (Indonesia, Museum Neka Bali)

- The 3rd invitational Exhibition for member of Christian Artists (63 Gallery)


1992 - Mail Art Exhibition (the 3rd Gallery)

- Contemporary Art & Color Language (Dong A Gallery)

- Origin Fine Art Association Exhibition (Dukwon Gallery)

- Contributions Exhibition of Dock Island Tender Passion-Under the Edge of Eastern Land (Dongbang Plaza Gallery)

- Christian Artists Invited Exhibition-The 1st Anniversary Opening Commemoration of the Torch Center for Evangelism and Mission (Torch Center for Evangelism and Mission)


1991  - Invited Solo Exhibition (Gallery Ye-Hyang)

- The Invited Exhibition-Ideas by 5 Artists (Han Gang Gallery, Insa-dong, Seoul)

- The 33rd Exhibition of Origin Painting Association

  (Korean Culture & Arts Center)

- Gallery Grim Opening Commemoration Exhibition (Gallery Grim)

- Invited Exhibition of Ulsan Gallery Opening Commemoration (Ulsan Gallery)

- The 16th Ecole de Seoul Exhibiton (Kwan Hun Museum)

- The Phase of Recent Trends Contemporary Art-its 5 Critical Views after Beyond-Image (Korean arts Center)

- Christian Artists invited Exhibition (torch Center of Evangelism and Mission)

- '92 Korean Identity the Gropping for the Thoughts & Sensitivities (Huin Gallery-Seoul, ondara Gallery-Cheonju, Kungdong Gallery-Kwangju, Jungwon Gallery-Pusan)

- Asian Watercolor Confederation-'91 Seoul Exhibition (Hanwon Gallery)


1990  - Oriental & Western Paintings Inviting Exhibition at Early Spring (Seoul Gallery)

- Commemoration Exhibition of the 3rd Anniversary Inviting '90's Artists (Hankuk Gallery)

- The 32nd Exhibition of Origin Painting Association (Korean Culture & Center)

- The 10th Exhibition of Japan-Korea Contemporary Painting

  (Fukuoka Museum, Japan)

- The Exhibition of Korean-Japanese Modern Art Visual '90 (kyung-in Gallery)

- The 5th Exhibition Asian WaterColours '90: Hong Kong

(Asian Watercolors Confederation) (Exhibition Gallery, City Hall, Hong Kong)


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